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  • Track your customer experience metric without requiring an NPS or any type of survey.
  • Ready integrations with 150+ support and CRM apps, review web sites, survey tools.

  • Reduce manual analysis and repetitive task, massive gain for little buck.


Integrate your Alterna CX account with over 85 review websites and 150 powerful apps to analyze customer feedback and automate business workflows.

  • 85+ customer review sites and help desk conversations
  • 105 languages and automated translation

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Text Analytics fueled by Machine Learning

Alterna CX has industry specific, well-trained, ready  models that can be deployed  in a few weeks time.

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Enable a granular look at customer insight

  • Use automated tech (if/then logic, text analytics) to get direct feedback on specific customer issues.
  • Leverage  dashboards, and collaborative features to collect data.
  • Detect abnormalities alert your team on the most pressing issues to fix, relieving the pressure on your limited resources.

To transform and personalize the in-store experience for everyone from sneakerhead to browser to impulse buyer, we needed an AI-powered CX management system. Alterna CX offers unified intelligence for structured and unstructured feedback. With Alterna CX's 'NPS Simulation' capability, we can predict improvements in future NPS results thanks to its 80% accuracy. Moreover, we decreased top customer issues by 20% and increased NPS by 24 pts.

Gökhan Çakmak
Customer Experience Group Manager I CarrefourSA

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Some FAQ's

How do we help?

Alterna CX’s text analysis software automatically classifies the topic of a text so as to achieve high accuracy for identifying the root causes of customer comment.  This automated efficiency removes the need for human effort and creates a single source for all customer experience feedback. Alterna CX’s ready-to-use text analytics model works with a strong machine learning algorithm to automatically identify and categorize the polarity, urgency, or topic of the customer issues.

This online sentiment analysis model ensures that customer experience professionals can see comments, then use that informative feedback as a basis for appropriate action. Moreover, along with open-end text responses and general satisfaction driver criteria, the model is used for the creation of its own predictive analytics model. It has been trained by multiple source data from complaints and review sites such as and We update all of our models continuously with best practices. What is more, a new emotion and sentiment model with a new annotation set can be created and updated with new data sets.

There are a few different ways to approach this type of analysis, but they can all essentially be reduced to two categories: positive or negative. Alterna CX’s current sentiment model has three categories: Positive, Negative, Neutral.  Moreover, inspired by Dr. Robert Plutchik’s emotional wheel study of the seven most frequently felt human emotions (joy, trust, fear, surprise, sadness, anger, and disgust), our engineering team developed this AI-based advanced text analytics technology.

What steps should I take next in order to compare my oCX with my competitor?

The process is straightforward. Simply provide us with the names of your competitors, your brand, and the relevant platforms such as Google Play, Reddit, Instagram, etc. Once we have this information, we'll grant you access to the Alterna CX platform within 3 days. To get started, please complete the form on this page.

How do Alterna CX’s text analytics models work?

Machine learning, statistics, and natural language processing (NLP) are some of the tools that Alterna CX’s text analytics tool uses to identify customers’ feelings and thoughts in the broadest sense possible.

Additionally, unlike general aspect-based sentiment analysis systems, the Alterna CX’s text analysis tool is able to apply emotion, sentiment, or intent to each topic and subtopics.

Alterna CX's solution also deploys contextual, action oriented models that can assess and triage urgency of improvement actions at touchpoint level.

Is it possible to add new topics to text analytics models?

Yes, it is possible to add new topics to text analytics models and it is very easy to do so. You can add new topics to already existing text analytics models on Alterna CX rapidly and efficiently.

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